Part 3- One Small Step

And just like that, the clean-cut era of the Sock Hop parted ways for one of the most prolific decades of the 20th century. A decade full of Civil rights movements, The Vietnam War, Assassinations, a Moon Landing, and Free Love. There were some notable real-life heroes in this decade in fact as I write this I am wearing my NASA hoodie with The Apollo 11 patches emblazoned on both arms. There was Woodstock, which alone has convinced many a person that they were born in the wrong decade. The decade of the underdog and human rights equality was the perfect storm to introduce comic book superheroes that would live on for generations to come. And sadly the world lost great leaders, innovators, and Thinkers in this decade such as Martin Luther King Jr, JFK, and Walt Disney.

  • In 1960  The Justice League of America was birthed from 1940’s Justice Society featuring most of the prominent members we know associate with DC’s flagship entourage. 
  • Not to be outdone, One Year later Stan Lee and Jack Kirby introduced Marvel’s first superteam The Fantastic Four, and while the cinematic team-ups that we have seen haven’t been so kind to Mister Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, Johnny Storm, and The Thing; This was a huge contributor to Marvel’s meteoric rise in the ’60s 
  • What kind of Batman fan would I be if I didn’t mention arguably the greatest if not a top-three staple for greatest batman Adam West and the Beloved Batman TV Series and later a Movie in the late ’60s That’s right all you same bat time, same bat channel readers of the ’60s or TV land at the very least, Nananananana Batman beat Superman to the big screen! 
  • Everyone’s Favorite neighborhood crimefighter swung into action and Spiderman 

became a pop culture icon when he made his debut in Amazing Fantasy #15 in August of 1962

You don’t wanna see me when I’m Angry and by this point, you’d have to imagine DC would be green with Envy as Marvel released Mr. gamma radiation himself The Incredible Hulk in May of 1962

In 1963 Marvel rounded out its early 60’s debuts by introducing the most modern successful movie character Iron Man and The original outsiders of comic book characters, The X-Men!

Notable Hero Movies (So many good ones to choose from)

Swiss Family Robinson

West Side Story

Lawrence of Arabia

To Kill a Mockingbird


Dr. No

The Sword and the Stone


From Russia With Love


Bonnie and Clyde

Cool hand Luke

2001:  A Space Odyssey

Planet of the Apes

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Midnight Cowboy

Easy Rider

True Grit

See all you groovy cats next week!