Welcome to the ’70s where Disco fever swept the nation courtesy of John Travoltas swaying to the high pitch grooves of the BeeGees. There were offers no one could refuse including a certain politician who was definitely not a crook, okay he was totally a crook!  The Sci-Fi Revolution brings us to a galaxy far, far away that would lead us right to the advent of the Personal computer. The Tech boom brought to life the VCR and What many consider the first Video Game System.

Atari and its Pong game revolutionized the use of REM ((Rapid Eye Movement)The Action, not the band) while awake in the form of a glitchy white ball bouncing across the television screen

In 1971’ s House of Secrets #92, which in my opinion is one of the more underrated comic books series, DC Introduced the world to The Swamp Thing. While I can appreciate and think he is underrated, the true gem from this particular comic is a particular story know by every current and former boy scout or avid camper, The tale of the “Snipe Hunt”

The 1970’s played host to some of the greatest heroes on the small screen such as:

The Six Million Dollar Man, and thats the bottom line because… Oh’ my bad wrong Steve Austin!

Captain Marvel and Shazam If you’re confused by this one click here!

Dr. Strange (Most forgot or want to forget about this one)

The Incredible Hulk, could there really be a hero show list without Lou Ferrigno?

The Amazing Spider-man, Long before Tobey Maguire awkwardly danced down the streets of New York everyone’s favorite neighborhood web-slinger graced the small screen in a short-lived series.

Wonder Woman, staring Lynda Carter brought the most famous female superhero to life igniting her o0wn brand of justice and girl power!

Legends of the Superheroes: The Challenge saw some of DC’s most well known heroes team up against a band of well known villains who set out to end the world

What sort of Jedi Mind Trick got you to read this far down you may ask? Well it’s the kind of Jedi power that could set forth a war amongst the stars and that’s precisely what happens when a young up and coming Writer-Director delivered all of us A New Hope!

Notable Hero Movies (Again so many good movies)

M*A*S*H (Yes It was a movie before a series)

Diamonds are Forever

Dirty Harry

The Godfather

The Poseidon Adventure

The Sting

American Graffiti

Live and Let Die

Enter The Dragon

Blazing Saddles

Young Frankenstein 

The Godfather Part 2

The Longest Yard



One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Dog Day Afternoon


Star Wars

Smokey and The Bandit 

Close Encounter of the Third Kind

The Spy Who Loved Me


Rocky 2

Apocalypse Now

Star Trek


Hope you enjoyed our journey thus far as we have immersed ourselves into the sci-fi laden decade of the 1970s, come back next week as we visit the greatest decade of all the 1980s