Are you still not using Tik Tok?

I was a TikTok holdout for a while and jumped on the bandwagon during the pandemic and despite the recent political aspect of the platform I have seen the value from an entertainment, educational, influential, and growth platform! Trust me, I get it; I’m an OG Social Media user. Proof: Tom stayed in my top 8! All new friends had to battle each other for the other 7 spots. With that said here are the top 5 reasons why you should be on Tik Tok.

1. It is the fastest-growing Social Media Platform

Assuming you don’t live under a rock you have probably seen, shared, or made a TikTok video at some point. Tik Tok, which was launched in 2016 now has over 800 million users on its platform, a feat that the king of social media Facebook didn’t even achieve until its 7th year in existence. And despite restraints being put on the company from world governments the popularity and growth do not seem to be slowing down. 

2. Long watch time

For an app that promotes videos that las 15-60 seconds it’s amazing that the average viewer spends 52 minutes per day watching content. The swipe culture has invaded our content consumption, with the ability to swipe up and down, users consume an endless catalog of content.

3. Your Audience is on there

Well kinda, but the audience for your content definitely is. Tik Tok has a “discovery” mode called For You, often referred to as the #foryoupage. This is a vertical carousel of content that Tik Tok picks for you based on your viewing habits, the content you engage with, and the people you follow. With that being said there are noticeable pockets of communities and if you get good at creating original content you can build a following and create a community of your own.

4. A Trend Machine

If there is ever a time where you don’t know what is trending in the world, spend an hour on Tik Tok and you will see a melting pot of music, fashion, dance, entertainment, and humanity. I recommend that every one search a hashtag and watch its the best marketing research that money can buy. 

5. You can be heard on day one!

Unlike many platforms that rely on building an audience to communicate, Tik Tok rewards creators instantly by showing your content to prospective audience members and letting them decide if they want to see or hear what you have to say. This is where your branding and messaging gets really important because we already know it’s going to be seen. 

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Statistics courtesy of Oberlo