Videos have become a crucial part of our personal lives, as well as an extremely valuable tool in business marketing. Millions of videos are viewed each day on your favorite social media platforms. In today’s world, creating videos is one of the best ways to reach your target audience effectively and increases your chance to grow your business, brand, or product. The question of the day: Where do I start?

“What’s my concept? How long should it be? Do I need actors? What gear or software do I need? What is it going to cost? Should I hire a video production team? Why can’t I just film with my smartphone?” These are all great questions when considering what kind of video production is right for you!

Let me paint you a picture. You walk into the office and the bathroom is flooded. Even though a majority of people can work their way around a tool kit, a plumber was still called to check out the bathroom. The plumber was called because they are trained to deal with things of this manner. No one doubts you could take care of a leaky pipe on your own, but you want the guarantee it will be done correctly, and efficiently. Should you hire a video production team? Unequivocally, yes.

A video production team, for all intents and purposes, is your plumber of the video world. A quality video production team is going to work with you to determine how to incorporate your vision into a concept people can relate to. What does that mean? It means getting to know you, your goals, your business, and your story. This includes developing your story with you, reaching your target audience with thoughtful design, and determining what kind of video production is right for you. Much like a plumber knows whether they should use a 5/8 or a 3/4 wrench, you trust they know what is best for your plumbing. A video production team can work with you to determine whether commercial, narrative, documentary, TikTok, YouTube, or corporate video is best for your goals.

I’ll be the first one to tell you a smartphone is not going to cut it. Not because the quality is bad, but because it is merely a tool in the process. There is an art to video production. The combination of script, talent, lighting, and editing is what really brings each video to life. It’s not a matter of pointing a smartphone and you are done. A plumber doesn’t walk in, tighten a screw, walk out saying “job well done.” A video production team has access to state of the art gear, editing software, actors, and specialists for motion graphics and animation. With millions of videos being consumed every single day, your story deserves the touch of a professional to ensure the job is done with quality.

Lastly, and most concerning: What will this cost me? No one is thrilled to pay the plumber his ridiculously high hourly wage, but we do. Why? Because we don’t want our pipes leaking. It is my belief that your brand, your business, and your story deserves the same kind of attention. In today’s world, video is potentially the most powerful marketing tool. However, this does not mean you need to pay an arm and a leg for professional video production! The right team can work with you to determine how to best achieve your goals, while working within your budget. It is not an end all be all as there is much flexibility within the video industry to stay within budget. In fact, trained filmmakers are no strangers to budget restrictions. The goal is to make the best product with the resources given. This is another huge perk of working with our dedicated team.

In closing, video production should not be a dreaded process. It should be a fun expression of your story. The right video production team will be there for you, ensuring your story is told in a visually stimulating way, relating to your target audience, and effectively growing your brand, all within budget.

The next time you are considering creating video content for your brand, or your business, or yourself, give us a call and let us help you bring your story to life!