Its no surprise that your branded social media content is one of your most valuable expenditures of time investment into your business. Below is a list of 5 reasons explaining why using social media for your business can help you grow and become more visible.

  1. Engage with your audience.
    Having branded social media content available to you allows you to engage with your audience using your unique brand voice. It allows you to build the story of your business using graphics that relate directly to your brand message and why people should care about what you are offering. It also allows you to start a dialogue with your ideal clients that will net you more visibility on all social media platforms. A high rate of engagement is one of the leading factors in your content reaching a larger audience.
  2. Build Your Brand Story
    Curated content is great, and does have a vital role to plan in your social media strategy. However, branded content allows you a clear path to showcasing what your brand is all about. With a long-term strategy, you can slowly build the big picture using your branded content so that your story unfolds consistently and creatively.
  3. Unique Content Grabs Attention
    We all have those days where it seems like the same 5 memes pop-up on your Facebook or Instagram timeline. Its funny the first time, but by the time you have seen it more than once, you scroll right past. Fresh, unique content — especially branded content — has the possibility of stopping your audience in their tracks! Something new and exciting can stop their scroll and lead them to commenting on or sharing your content with their audience.
  4. New Content Leads To Better SEO
    Google and other search engines LOVE creative and original content. They rank it higher than content that focuses on regurgitated ideas. As stated above, curated content definitely has a place in your content plan, but content created just for YOU is king as far as social media is concerned. This is especially true for blogs. If you have a new idea about your industry, write a blog around it and then share it all over your social media! You have killed two birds with one stone — you have created content using your voice, and you have also created content you can use as an original way to capture interest, engagement AND website visibility.
  5. It’s A Chance For You To Shine
    When you post curated content, what’s missing? YOU! Your audience wants to know about you and your business! They want to see authenticity and feel like they are engaging with a person, not just a company. You are the originator of your brand voice and your target clients? They want to know you, they want to trust you and most of all — they want to interact with YOUR story!

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