Since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and quarantine began, we here at Vantage Point Media have continued to stress the importance of video. In a remote world, video allows us to meet, to market, to sell, and to service.

Due to COVID-19 an abrupt shift to remote culture, work life suddenly looks drastically different for many people. In this new “culture” video has been slingshot to center stage as a solution too many businesses problems.  More and more businesses are looking for solutions to stay in front of their customers, to keep their marketing and sales efforts moving. 

Video is particularly unique as its the only type of content that allows people to see us, hear us, and get to know us. This is very important given the isolation of todays culture. As we keep our distance, the importance to stay relevant has only grown. Video offers real human connection, something lacking in everyday life right.  Because of this, video can make all the difference during these trying times.

Business’ in all industries are asking themselves, “if we have to sell virtually, how can we do it really, really well? 

The good news, COVID-19 is causing innovation in the way that video production companies work with clients. Demand has shifted. Because of this, production companies are not pushing for huge budget marketing ads. What we know about ads, is that generally speaking, user-generated content performs much better than content with high production value. It blends in with social media platforms. 

Why hire a video production team?

It’s a perfect time to use technology in a different way. With large scale productions on the decrease, there are more opportunities for small businesses to work with high-end content, with a user-generated feel.  It is time to adapt to our new online culture.