Storytelling is our passion!

We believe in creating content that makes an impact.


A lot of companies will charge you a ridiculous amount of money to put you through a one size fits all algorithm and call it digital marketing. At Vantage Point Media we love stories and have created a unique approach to telling your story. By focusing on your story and your message it allows us to create content that matters. We use the strategic proponents of relationship development, the artistic design we have spent years studying, and our award-winning content skills to craft your story and build your tribe of loyal fans.   The power of social media is only as good as the content that supports it and with our custom approach, we can build a content marketing strategy that supports your branding while attracting the audience you want to develop a relationship with.

Content Creation

We live by the notion that “Content is King” in regards to how businesses and individuals communicate.  That is why we curate and create original content that makes an impact for our clients.


Branding Strategies

A Brand by any other name would not be much of a brand after all, therefore we focus on building a unique identity for all the brands that we work with.


Digital Marketing Solutions

Digital Marketing is not as simple as creating a Facebook Page, and Instagram Account, Sending out a Tweet or two on Twitter and hoping for the best but unfortunately, that is the approach so many people take. SO MANY!!

What we Do

We tell the best stories

Every Person and Every Brand has a story to tell, often times most people don’t understand the power of their story until they find a use for it and we help people find that connection through our unique storytelling approach that focuses on telling your story from your vantage point and taking the time to get to know you, your story and the impact it can have on the world. 

Our Service packages 

Social Marketing and Advertising Packages

Starting at our Getting Social and Audience Builders Packages

we offer three tiers of packages that we can customize to your needs.

Branding and SEO Packages

Our Branding & SEO Packages are an Annual Investment

These packages will help build and guide your brand to higher heights year after year.

Video Packages

Now offering a Touch-Free Video Service

So we can tell your story wherever you are, we are still offering our full production services for feature-length projects and digital shorts using our client-focused safety protocols

Let us tell your story

We would love to have to opportunity to get to know you and your story and see if we are a good match to help you tell yours please contact us to let us know how we can help you or your brand get your voice heard.

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